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Liane Engstrom. Art Your Heart Out.



Liane Engstrom is a Painter, Printmaker, Writer and Mural Artist from Cleveland, Ohio. In her work she questions the meaning of perspective. Fascinated by the similarities between the microscopic and macrocosmic realms, and gathering information from various scientific fields, she harnesses inspiration that she couples with her own reservoir of emotion and life experience in search of meaning. Her paintings are both familiar, yet odd, drawing the viewer to absorb the large sweeping brushstrokes from a distance before stepping close to find familiar spaces and tiny detail. The various ways that one can view her work corresponds directly to her fascination with the multiplicity of perspectives.

Lianes artwork and performance work has been shown in numerous galleries, festivals and institutions, including the Cleveland Museum of Art Community Events. She has participated in CMA's annual Chalk Festival, the Cleveland Jazz Festival and Parade the Circle. She has also performed at the 2019 Waterloo Arts Fest. Her work has been shown at various galleries, including Thumbprint Gallery (CA), Queen Bee’s Gallery (CA), the Onyx Room (CA), Bostwick Design (OH), Climb Cleveland (OH), and the Cleveland Institute of Art (OH). 

In 2018, Liane collaborated with three other artists to design and paint a large public art mural on the campus of Case Western Reserve University, which has launched her public arts career. She now creates murals and various other artworks for both the public and private sectors while maintaining a solid studio practice.


Liane has been the recipient of several grants and prizes including the 2019 Suzy Spitz Scholarship, the 2019 Liza Nobel Prize, and the 2018 Norita Wyse Berman Memorial Award, each for excellence in Painting. Liane has also received other awards, including the Cleveland Institute of Art Grant and the Bravura Literary Journal Award for outstanding work. Her work has appeared in the Palomar College Bravura Literary Journal (2012).


Liane Engstrom lives and works in North Olmstead, Ohio. She has received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Cleveland Institute of Art.

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